Risk assessment and business continuity

Could your business or organization continue to operate if any of the following were to occur?

  • Loss of IT
  • Loss of premises
  • Loss of key staff
  • Loss of vehicles/fleet
  • Severe weather

As well as identifying the risks, have your staff and managers looked at the wider requirements linking plans and providing depth to allow your organization to continue to operate?

M2S Systems have years of experience in plan evaluation and validation as well as Business Continuity planning.

We can help your business to prepare to meet a wide range of challenges that may otherwise interrupt your ability to operate.

We can work with you to assess risk across your organisation or site and design suitable responses to mitigate the threats posed to your business, people and communities.

Awareness has infinite value in business continuity, since understanding what may happen is the key to resilience.
 Continuity planning is not only the ability to prevail over disruption; it’s also about empowering your organisation with the knowledge of risks, what impact they could have and what training and equipment is required to mitigate disruptive situations.

This is a requirement of many regulatory bodies worldwide, including some company insurers.

Why work with M2S?

  • We understand the risks are yours and we will work closely with you to reduce those risks.
  • Bespoke resilience solutions.
  • Flexible to respond to your changing requirements.
  • A wealth of experience in the emergency services and resilience planning arena.
  • Deliver cost-effective solutions.
  • Provide an ongoing support plan.