About us

About M2S Systems

M2S Systems is a resilience solutions organisation offering assessment, design, transformation, training and equipment for every situation.

M2S works closely with clients to ensure a bespoke design and delivery of resilience solutions.

Between us we have more than 60 years experience in the emergency services. Our design and engineering team has the ability to identify and deliver complete solutions to a multitude of challenges.

Our mission

We aim to be the leading business continuity service provider in Europe, delivering bespoke, customer-focused resilience solutions through listening, understanding and responding to our clients' needs.

We specialise in:

  • Threat assessment and response
  • CBRN preparedness
  • Engineering design, analysis, prototyping and test validation
  • Exercising your capability
  • Complex bespoke shelter system design
  • Business continuity
  • Support to command and control
  • Operational report
  • Emergency plan evaluation and validation

Our skills

  • Innovative approach to problem solving
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Project delivery
  • Significant operational experience
  • Customer focused approach

How we work

Our way of working with you is clear and logical and has three phases:

1. Assessment phase

Where are you now?

We work closely with every member of your team to establish your current situation regarding resilience.

2. Design phase

Where do you want to be?

Together we will create a list of requirements for equipment and training that you will need to achieve your resilience goal. We will design a plan for delivering equipment, training and exercise programmes and for maintaining your resilience solutions.

3. Transformation phase

How can we help you to get there?

With a plan in place, we will set about delivering your resilience solutions, liaising with you at every stage to ensure it exactly fits your requirements. We are flexible and adaptable so that we can meet developing needs and budgets.